Northwest Thailand during World War II


Text Notes


Two suggested methods that don't require additional programs, apps, extensons, whatever (and no doubt there are more).

1. The simplest method, giving you a PDF copy of the webpage,
    but allowing only one webpage per document, with links not preserved,
    contents not editable, no annotation allowed, etc.

Open browser
Go to webpage to be copied
Press <CTL>+<P>
Accept default Destination "Adobe PDF"
Click "Print" button
Select where to save PDF file
Click "Save"

    Repeat above steps to copy additional webpages to separate documents.


2. Somewhat more involved, giving you a Microsoft Word document,
    allowing any number of pages in one document, with links preserved,
    contents editable, annotations allowed, etc.

Create new Word document or open existing one
If new, select directory / folder where document is to be saved and name the document
Switch to browser screen <CTL>+<TAB>
Open webpage
Select all <CTL>+A
Copy <CTL>+C
Switch to Word document <CTL>+<TAB>
Paste <CTL>+V
    Add notes
    Edit as desired: you may want to omit headers, footers;
        downsize images to fit on one document page
Save <CTL>+S
Close <CTL>+W

    Additional pages can be copied into the same Word document:

Keep Word document open, or reopen
Open another webpage to be copied
Select all <CTL>+A
Copy <CTL>+C
Switch to Word document <CTL>+<TAB> & place cursor at
    end of document: if desired, delete footer of previous
    webpage if same content is included in the new webpage
Paste in the additional webpage <CTL>+V
Add notes & edit as desired:
    editing might include deleting header from copy
    of new webpage if it repeats first webpage.
Save <CTL>+S
Close <CTL>+W



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